Landscaping projects in Winnipeg start at the Garden Show

One of the first events of our busy season is the Winnipeg Home and Garden show at the convention centre. The show usually coincides with the spring melt, so a lot of the people we meet that weekend have landscaping projects and ideas fresh in their minds. It’s a chance for us to make our whole team (landscape design and construction) available to you for the weekend, to answer any of the questions you might have about a potential outdoor project.

It’s also a chance for us to use our booth space to show you a custom designed patio and garden area for homeowners and business owners in Winnipeg. Every year we try to show off at least one or two new paving products. Our sport court tiles are also always on display. It’s also a fun opportunity to push the boundaries a little and create something totally different and new.

This year we’ve modified a typical Barkman stone pillar kit and integrated some cedar to make a simple yet elegant outdoor L-shape bench. The bench appears lightweight and airy. There are no clumsy legs or posts as it’s supported by the brick pillars. It also adds a nice wood detail within the pillar itself. One of the pillars has been doubled in size to create a table-like countertop for drinks or annual pots. The bench looks great in front of a similar styled cedar fence and contrasts will with the travertine tile below. Meandering gardens and some well placed trees make the whole space balanced and attractive. A typical square fire-pit has been elongated for a more contemporary look as well. It’s not hard to picture a set-up like this in your own backyard.

If you’re looking for something to do this spring, come find us at Home and Garden April 1-3. We’ll also be setting up consultations for free estimates on any landscaping project you might have in mind.