Elevating your Deck or Patio

Pergolas can be a great addition to the back yard, and yet when we meet clients for the first time to start talking landscaping and yard design, they’re not that frequently on the wish list – at least not yet. Let’s talk about some of what they offer.

Function: Shade is an obvious one. Someone in the family always needs at least a little shade on the back patio or deck. And what a way to do it, rather than buying some umbrella or metal structure that ultimately falls apart and needs replacement. We can actually customize the shape, spacing and orientation of the shade rafters to give you the exact amount of shade you’re wanting, at a specific time of the day whenever you’re ready to lounge. They also do a beautiful job of framing a sitting area, and creates the ability to have two distinct sitting areas in the yard – maybe a quaint dining space with a pergola on the deck, and a lower level couch or firepit area down on the patio.

Affordability: As they’re all custom designed and built, the price tags can certainly vary…but as a starting point, the costs aren’t that much different than some of the aluminum or plastic shade shelters you might find for sale at the hardware store. Also, in terms of substance and the impact it has on the yard and your patio or deck space, they’re a small fraction of the cost of any custom built gazebo or pavilion. Basically, you can have a high-end space with custom woodwork without breaking the bank.  

Aesthetics and design: Unlike some of the options at the store, they’re fully customizable. Clean, simple, contemporary lines or soft arcing curves with decorative struts in a classic style with green vines and ivy wrapping up the posts and overtop. We can also match details of existing fencing or pull some of the design elements from the house and integrate it into the pergola finishes. There’s just a level of substance, finish and complete integration with the hardscapes and overall landscaping that can not be duplicated by anything store bought.