What is custom stonework? 

Custom stonework is the design and practice of using natural stones and stone materials to create new tailored structures, landscaping features, patios and pathways in the yard.

What stone materials can be used for custom stonework? 

Custom stonework can include the use and modification of sandstone, marble, granite, and limestone. These stone materials offer natural beauty and patterns that can not be replicated from fabricated materials. Since the stone is coming from nature, it is unique so you will not find it anywhere else.  

Custom Stonework can range from appealing architectural elements that enhance the value and appearance on the property. The benefits of landscaping custom stonework include: 

Improve the aesthetic appeal

With the help of mother nature, custom stonework can dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of your walkway, retaining wall, water garden feature, and pathways. Stonework designs will impress your guests and provide unique and stunning designs that will not be replicated. 


Natural stones are known for their strength and durability in outdoor weather. These long-lasting structures provide great value on your investment due to the high quality of the material. You will not need to worry about the material breaking down from harsh weather elements for quite some time even decades. This will reduce your costs over the long term since you will not need to replace the materials any time soon. 

Wear and tear is slow and the colours may evolve into more natural unique patterns over time which can be interesting to watch. 

Increase the property value

Adding custom stonework features can immediately improve the property value and curb appeal. The effortless beauty of natural stones can be very pleasing to the eye. 

Speak to our landscape designers about a custom stonework bridge over a pond or water feature or stonework around your deck or pool. Patio stonework can be very appealing and deter weeding on pathways that improve accessibility to everyone.