Deck Design & Construction

Decks are often the focal point of your back yard – or even front yard, for that matter. Our landscape design team will work with you to plan the perfect deck, whether it’s your dream back yard oasis or just some simple steps or landings. Decks are very customizable and can be planned for any outdoor space. We can enhance or personalize the structure with pergolas, privacy screens, outdoor kitchens and counters, built-in benches or planters. Our builders and carpenters are experienced and detail oriented.

Recommended Types of Decking

Pressure Treated Wood

Easily the most common type of construction and by far the most affordable, pressure treated decks are a great solution for many homeowners. Consider upgrades like metal or glass railing, perimeter picture framing or built-in step lighting to brick the deck to another level.


Cedar is a fabulous material for deck, pergola or gazebo construction and has an aesthetic elegance that treated wood can’t quite match. It has a vibrant colour that can be maintained with staining, or the deck can be left to grey and age very subtly and consistently. Note that cedar products are subject to market availability and market pricing.


Composite is the ultimate solution for durability and long term performance and calls for the least amount of maintenance over time. Colours, tones and textures have improved greatly over the years. There are countless products and options to choose from, but our planning team will help you decide on something that works for your family and your budget. Learn more about our landscape contractors now!


Exotic hardwood products like Ipe won’t be for everyone, but those who use it definitely don’t regret it. It provides a smooth finish, is resistant to decay and has a tight grain which means no splinters. Keep in mind though that as it’s logged from old-growth forests in South America, it is a less environmentally sustainable option.