Landscape design services for Winnipeg, Manitoba

A lot of work goes into our landscape designs. Manitoba has a diverse climate and there is a huge range of landscaping products available to us. There’s more to it than just the shape of your deck or the size of your patio. A good design has to consider a number of different things:

  • Water drainage and grading
  • Heights of existing outdoor features
  • Placement of doors, windows, eaves trough, utility boxes, air conditioners, etc.
  • Perspectives and views as you look out over the property
  • Privacy concerns
  • Ease of future maintenance
  • Plant and tree selections for proper hardiness and exposure
  • Scale and balance
  • Budget

Lots of designs might look great on paper, but if they don’t consider all of the items above, your dream landscaping project could become a dud.  Of all these design items, one of the most important ones is budget. For starters, it’s important that whatever we dream up for you and put to paper is actually feasible. This is one of the reasons we ask for a project budget prior to even starting.

Secondly, staging a project is becoming increasingly popular. Sometimes clients have big plans for their yard and look to us for a beautiful design, but they also know it may take them a few years to save for it. Big projects can be split into two or more phases. Perhaps phase one takes care of the big items like re-grading, trees and a patio while a future phase will bring a custom gazebo, swimming pool , perennial gardens and new fencing. If a master plan for the “future” yard is conceived and followed from the beginning, we can make a multi-phase plan for construction in the most economical and efficient way possible. Nothing will ever have to be removed, rebuilt or repaired and the end product is going to be cohesive and well thought out – exactly as we planned it.

If you’re in Winnipeg and have questions about how you might landscape your property over multiple years, give us a call at 895-4422 to discuss.

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