Expert Landscape Designer Services


Our landscape designer are nearby you. We will set up an appointment convenient to you and meet you at your home – anywhere in Winnipeg or surrounding areas. First off, we’ll answer any questions you might have about your project, our company, or the process ahead. In this first meeting, we’re going to cover:

  • Project Wishlist: We’ll need to know what kind of features you’re hoping to incorporate, or what kind of a transformation you’re after. New patio? Privacy? Entertainment space? Colourful gardens? Swimming pool? You can share your own ideas or leave it up to us to provide direction.
  • Measurements and Photographs: We’ll need to gather information so that we can draw up a scale drawing of your property. If it’s a new home, we can use your property survey or house drawings. If it’s an existing home with existing features, we’ll need to measure and document the property.
  • Budget: Providing us with a budget is an important part of the process. Some customers are hesitant to provide a budget to a contractor. Our intention though is not to spend to your limits. It’s to be able to put a plan in front of you that’s beautiful – and feasible – and ensure we make the most of both your time and ours. The cost of home improvements can multiply fast – it’s smart to pair your wish-list with your budget at the beginning, rather than the end. 


Our landscape designer will try to provide a range of ideas for discussion and feedback – varying layouts and different aesthetic styles. With your feedback, we can identify what appeals to you and move on to the next stage.


Your final plan is often a blend of all the different ideas that we’ve presented to you. At this point, you’re also presented with a landscape design project quote. We’ll also look at paving stone samples, types, colours of mulch or rock, choose plants & trees, and so on.

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Landscape design is a time-consuming, professional service. The landscape designer fees can apply if we move past the consultation phase. Each project is different and requires varying amounts of time. If fees apply to your design, we’ll let you know at the initial consultation – once we know what the project entails. You can then choose whether to move forward. Our landscape designers are nearby you and ready to help get your started on your landscaping project this year. Get a landscapers quote for your project now!

Ask us for more details at your first landscape design consultation. Alternatively, an estimate is always free if a layout or design is simply provided to us. Learn more the services that provide for landscape contractors projects.

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