Spring is coming to an end, which means the 2016 landscaping season is here! We’ve re-launched our website with new pages and landscaping galleries. One of our new projects is this very blog. We’ll be posting new stories, sharing ideas and generally trying to fill you in on the things we do and why we do them. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the things you can expect to read about on our blog.

Landscaping 101: We’ll share some tips and explain some of the processes behind the various components of a landscaping project. Many of our clients have never been through a major landscaping project before and are new to many of the practices and possible issues. We’ll feature a different component each post – grading, patio installation, wood fences, tips on planting shrubs and perennials, etc.

Landscape Design: A proper, comprehensive landscape design can be really helpful in efficiently completing your project, no matter the scale – especially if you plan on working through it over a few different stages. We’ll tell you what’s involved in the design process, the advantages a finished design offers and the various ways you can go about it.

Plants for the Manitoba Climate: Many of our clients are interested in doing part of the project themselves. Some might ask us to install the deck or patio and do the heavy machine work, soil, grading, etc. leaving them with the finishing touches, like plants. This is an economically efficient way to do it, but sometimes still requires some guidance. We’ll tell you about varieties of plants that are hardy for our climate and easy to maintain while still providing contrast in colour, size and texture.

This is just a sneak peak. Check back every week or two to see what we can offer up.

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Be back soon, Winnipeg.