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Each and every year we work through a spring rush. Summer is short and sweet in Winnipeg, so naturally people are hoping to have their deck or patio finished in time to enjoy it for the season – or – trees and shrubs in the ground so they can start to grow. The phone rings early and often in the spring, and we’re typically over booked with consultations to meet you at your home and talk about the work.

The truth is though, March or April isn’t all that early for Winnipeg when it comes to planning, landscape design and ultimately booking landscaping. Some large projects are years in the making and have long been scheduled for May or June of the planned construction year. There are also a lot of clients that are clever enough to get in touch with us in the fall or early winter, use the off-season to do all the planning work and be ready to go and in the queue well before the snow melts.

It’s not uncommon for our landscape construction crews to be pretty much booked through the first couple months of the season. Many clients calling in March are surprised to hear they’re not first in line. While we have some flexibility and can generally try and meet your expectations when it comes to timing, the best thing to do is to start early and use the winter to your advantage. When you’re relaxing in the back yard under the newly built Pergola or sitting around the firepit, you’ll be thankful you did. Our landscape design team is always available and eager to help you get started – and beat the rush.