Patio Designer & Construction

Patio building is our favorite thing to do, and possibly what we’re best at. Patio and deck spaces are generally the focal points of the back yard – each offering a different feel and experience. A front walkway in interlocking brick adds a level of warmth and detail that regular concrete just can’t provide. Back yard brick patios can be expansive or quaint, versatile or carefully programmed and laid out. Brick coping and interlocking brick pool surrounds are also a great way to customize a back yard pool area, whether you want a classic or contemporary look.

Design Process and Patio Installation Services

Planning and Layout: This is also part of our greater, comprehensive design process but some clients are simply after a new patio only – and we’re happy to help plan it for you. We start with discussions on use, size, layout and style and then paint it in the actual yard for the homeowner to see

Excavate and Set Grades: Existing lawn, top soil, clay or other materials are removed and hauled away to make room for the full depth of the new brick or slab installation. Grades are important to establish heights for the new patio surface – relative to the rest of the yard – and account for slope and drainage as well.

Base Installation: Crushed limestone is installed and compacted to build a solid foundation for the new paving stones or slabs. Proper base installation is critical for the long-term performance of the surface, to help prevent settling and movement. Our installation crews are diligent and experienced. View a variety of BBQ patio options to compliment your patio design.

Screeding and Brick Laying: A thin layer of finer limestone or sand is expertly leveled over the base to create a surface ready for the brick products. The bricks are laid carefully, cut to shape where required, and then polymeric sand is generally applied to the cracks and seams to prevent weed growth.