Contemporary backyard oasis with pool, gazebo and decking

This Tuxedo property was a project from a couple years back. The entire back yard was stripped and excavated and a new landscape design was prepared. The homeowners were the ultimate activity and entertainment space, all in a contemporary style. The wishlist was big – decking, gazebo, patio, fire pit, pool, gardens, play structure, sport court, grass – and the yard, relative to the number of different spaces it had to accommodate, was fairly small. So, it made for a fairly challenging design. Not only that, but the adult oriented part of the yard (deck, pool, patio) needed to feel somewhat separate from the kids area (grass, play area, court). 


The main deck extendsout as a raised boardwalk, separating the pool and gazebo area from the kids area. Stairs to the right lead down to a modern looking metal fire pit, with pool and lounge areas beyond. Stairs to the left take you down to a small lawn area, connecting to the sport court.


The gazebo is totally custom, with sliding panel windows, glass doors, lighting and electricity. It’s open on three sides, while the back wall is solid for privacy.


Unique, contemporary furniture adds to the overall look. Meanwhile, low retaining walls and mass planted perennials provide texture and interest.


Stamped concrete was the choice for hardscaping. Given how much wood is in the yard, the concrete provides a clean, contemporary look – rather than the texture and complexity (lines, patterns, colour gradients) of an interlocking brick.


The sport court, on the opposite side of the back yard, is custom coloured upon request from the homeowners.

All in all, it’s a fantastic multi-faced recreation and relaxation space for a young family.