Winnipeg Landscaping – Front yard patio with a pop of colour

Manring cove is a project from a few years ago that has gradually matured into a one of a kind front landscape. An old and tired typically-suburban yard was transformed into an expansive garden and patio sitting area. It’s a recent winner at the Landscape Manitoba Awards of Excellence.

Other than a small strip of curvy lawn near the street (to prevent damage from snow clearing and pile-up), the entire yard has been developed. Roman pavers from Barkman disect the front yard, with a pathway leading to a central patio area. Steps then lead to an upper landing, joining to the top of the driveway and the front entrance. Retaining walls create the pathway steps and also terrace the yard, creating a sunken courtyard-like feel in the central sitting area.

The brick paths create different viewing points of the sprawling gardens. The layering of the plants, shrubs, and trees creates a lot of depth and visual interest. There is a palette of cooler colors primarily – purple, pink, blue, etc. Amongst the plants in the garden are Becky Shasta Daisy, Purple Coneflower, Cranesbill Geranium, Ladys mantle, Annabelle Hydrangea, Monarda and Dwarf Lilac.

The central patio is a “circle” kit with a radial pattern, which ties into the geometry, arcs and consistent curves of the design. As the perennials and shrubs have matured, we’ve removed some of the weed barrier and mulch to create soil areas for planting of annuals for even more colour. All in all, this front yard is a nice balance between hardscaping and softscaping – bricks and beautiful gardens.