A few fun days looking at new trends in landscaping, pools and hot tubs.

The Winnipeg Pool, Spa & Patio show finished up a couple weekends ago. 3 Seasons Landscaping presented at the show and had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came out and chatted with us and enjoyed our display. Our booth featured a custom cedar table and benches, concrete planters and walls, a built-in fireplace, cedar fencing, bright patio pavers, water features, artificial turf and towering oak trees.

The hit of the show had to be our three glass vortex water features. Water is pumped into large glass vases. The vases will up with water. Some spills over the side creating a cool, waterfall effect while inside the glass container, the remaining water drains out of the bottom creating a winding tornado. Waterproof landscape lighting gave it an effervescent glow.

In fact, these 3 features were so popular, we’re creating a stand-alone, self contained attractive unit available for install or purchase. Send us an email for more information or check us out at the Home & Garden Show in April to see it for yourself.