Sprawling Back Yard Beds and Beautiful Hardscaping

This beautiful property belongs to a long-time client of ours. Our landscaping crews are in the yard, just about every year, working on some kind of a new addition, upgrade or simply just planting annual flowers and pruning the shrubs.

The back yard is probably like no other in Winnipeg, with huge expanses of interlocking brick by a local paving company, outdoor tile, retaining walls, custom build gazebo, meandering expansive gardens and plenty of huge pots and planters for striking colour from annual plantings.

The pool area is closed in from the rest of the yard, and is really set off with giant pots packed with tropical palms and flowers. The ornamental fencing is extremely subtle as it sits on the garden edge amongst the dense plantings.

Retaining walls arc around a one-of-a-kind gazebo with plantings of ornamental grasses and well pruned shrubs. A new addition is a feature round stackstone wall in the middle of the lawn that houses another display of plantings and flowers, complimenting the other raised gardens.

We also have recently planted around an existing pond and water feature area in a prairie style with huge fish that spend the summers in the back yard.

The back yard is truly park like, with views to the lake and no real sense or views of the neighbours or other properties.